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Stuck in the dark ages of static signage?

Onsite experiences are within reach. Make your team the hero by using Contentful to deliver engaging in-person experiences across your customer lifecycle in weeks, not years.

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How Nike accelerated interactive digital displays

Nike needed a large-screen, multi-touch application for their flagship stores to encourage customers to immerse themselves in a product experience and learn about upcoming events. It took just three days to create a prototype, freeing the Nike team to focus on creating a memorable interactive experience. Performance and reliability have been rock-solid since they adopted Contentful, and Nike developers saved several weeks of time they would have spent developing their own API.

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Increase your time to wow

Contentful is trusted by some of the world’s most storied brands to seamlessly display and rapidly update digital signage. Empower your team to capitalize on breaking news or trending topics, or personalize content for onsite experiences and live events such as mobile kiosks or stadium screens.

Gone are the days of backlogs full of minor edits and small copy changes. Just like the teams at Nike, Costa Cruises and Sydney Airport — your developers, marketers and merchandisers can start thinking big when content is no longer a bottleneck.

Contentful is battle-tested, powering dozens of high-visibility, high-impact onsite experiences. With content infrastructure — cloud-native and built for scale — there’s no more need for complex backend development. Editors can integrate their existing creative toolset to independently manage, update and publish delightful experiences optimized for any audience or channel.

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Are you delivering digital signage?

Creating compelling brand experiences is hard, but shipping them to a variety of digital formats through signage and multimedia shouldn’t be. No matter how many installations and permutations you need, talk to an expert to explore how we can help you deliver, seamlessly and quickly.