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We constantly release updates; here are some recent highlights and favorites.
For a full list of new features and improvements, see our detailed ChangeLog.

GraphQL API beta

Nov 8, 2018

The original team behind GraphQL at Facebook described it as a data API "powerful enough to describe all of Facebook," while remaining easy enough to learn and use for regular product developers. Following our own successful alpha testing period, we are happy to announce that the GraphQL API has now graduated to beta phase, bringing development teams working with Contentful one step closer to deploying GraphQL-powered apps to production.

GraphiQL editor

The GraphQL API beta version comes with powerful filtering capabilities, supports both the content delivery API (CDA) and content preview API (CPA), and offers a fully functional equivalent to the REST implementation of the two APIs. We are launching beta with step-by-step implementation guides for JavaScript, iOS and Android apps. We also offer a number of additional development resources, which are covered on the Getting Started page.

Please note that the new GraphQL API beta is initially being rolled out on Large and Performance space types, with future plans to make it available more broadly.

Multi-region delivery infrastructure

Nov 1, 2018

Contentful continuously evolves its infrastructure to take advantage of cloud best practices and advancements in technology. The introduction of multi-region deployment offers customers a new platform option designed to guarantee up to 99.99% availability of our content delivery APIs.

The multi-region delivery infrastructure uses an active-active setup: Under normal circumstances, all traffic is distributed between two regions. If one of the regions experiences an outage, the traffic is automatically redirected to the healthy region. Contentful uses North Virginia (us-east-1) as the primary region, and Oregon (us-west-2) as the secondary one. To find out more about the technical details, availability and pricing of the multi-region delivery infrastructure, please contact the sales team.

AWS webhook integrations

Oct 15, 2018

AWS services are some of the most popular destinations for the outgoing webhooks created by our customers. In order to facilitate the workflows involving the use of these services, we have added support for signature version 4 authentication procedure. This enables our customers to build direct connections to AWS services, including those powering the most cutting edge web architectures: S3 for static site hosting, SQS for connecting distributed systems, and Lambda for running serverless backends. To help you get started with these integrations, we have produced a detailed tutorial showing how to leverage Lambda functions for automatically watermarking your media assets.

Improved usage reporting

Oct 11, 2018

We have made significant updates to the way we report API usage. The latest release introduces a web app dashboard showing daily API usage stats, the ability to specify a date range, and a report summarizing the use of APIs by the top three spaces, broken down by API type (CDA, CMA, CPA). A new usage API endpoint (documentation) will allow customers to integrate this data into custom-built reporting solutions and third-party data tracking services. You can access the API usage dashboard by navigating to the usage tab under the organization settings of the app.

Proof-of-Concept (PoC) spaces

Aug 30, 2018

We have simplified the process of adding new spaces for Contentful customers with long-term contracts. Instead of having to purchase a new paid space, customers can now try out new projects for free, with Proof-of-Concept (PoC) spaces that can be used up to 60 days.

PoC spaces include high usage limits and a full set of features, and offer customers an opportunity to prototype technical solutions, onboard new teams, and test premium features without making upfront commitments. PoC spaces are not designed to be used in production and can be provisioned only for a limited period of time. For more details, please contact your customer success manager.