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Is your CMS limiting your ability to create flexible mobile apps?

Reduce redundant workflows and streamline inefficiencies — no matter the operating system or device — with mobile app solutions powered by Contentful.

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faster to build mobile apps

A winning combination - editorial efficiency and developer productivity

Time-savings achieved by the editorial staff do not even come close to the productivity leap seen on the development side: thanks to the robust Content Delivery API the development cycle was reduced by several orders of magnitude. "We can now build apps at least 2-3 times faster than before! All the while avoiding technical debt & allowing our client to directly manage and update the content," concludes Gueorgui Tcherednitchenko, CTO of AQ.

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Seamlessly update cross-platform content

Companies that need to deliver customized mobile apps use Contentful to maximize speed and flexibility. Teams love working with a clean interface and flexible APIs that allow content to populate instantly on many any number of apps and platforms.

Editors make content updates once and Contentful’s unified content infrastructure publishes them everywhere, simultaneously. Developers are freed from server maintenance and can adeptly manage a portfolio of digital products using a single content backend. Companies get to market and iterate faster than they would with a traditional CMS.

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How Leica Microsystems improved performance

Is infrastructure maintenance eating up your development hours?

Headaches from hard-coded apps? Talk to an expert to explore how you can liberate your product managers and developers from the grind of mobile maintenance. Make managing an entire portfolio of digital products a breeze.