Use case: Fast, flexible mobile apps

Make lightning-fast, personalized mobile apps for users.

With a single content backend, it’s easier to manage a portfolio of digital products and instantly populate content.

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faster app load time

Accelerating load times

Leica Microsystems replaced its WordPress backend with Contentful to overcome limitations that were hurting performance, such as slow load times. The development team loved the newfound flexibility: they used Contentful’s official SDKs and built-in CDN to create customized, in-app interactions that feel instant to users.

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Seamlessly update cross-platform content

Companies that need to deliver customizable apps use Contentful to maximize speed and flexibility. Teams work with a clean interface and flexible APIs that allow content to populate instantly on many apps and platforms. Editors make content updates once and Contentful’s unified infrastructure will publish it everywhere. Developers are freed from server maintenance and can adeptly manage a portfolio of digital products using a single content backend. Companies get to market faster and iterate faster than with any traditional CMS.

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Is infrastructure maintenance eating up your development hours?

You want your product managers and developers to focus on building new digital experiences, but the reality is they’re spending most of their time maintaining old and outdated website infrastructure. Contentful has your infrastructure covered, and is the leading API platform for content. Talk to an expert to explore how you can liberate your product and developers from the grind of website maintenance.