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Is your website struggling to keep up?

Modern agile teams perform best with Contentful as the content layer of the modern digital stack. With a CMS that doesn’t get in the way, agile teams can focus on what they do best: shipping engaging digital products, faster than ever.

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faster time to launch

Enlisting Contentful allowed editors and developers to breathe a collective sigh of relief.

Adopting Contentful has altered the equation in two profound ways. Pulling content instantly using the REST API simplified the process of building a custom website. Meanwhile, the strict separation of content and presentational elements opened the possibility of using AngularJS framework for adding interactive features and mashing content up in innovative ways. Product manager Niklas Jansen appreciates how Contentful helps his team move quickly : “Today, we launch a site in a third of the time it used to take and we can afford to be bold, to come up with designs that have a distinctive personality.”

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No more hurry-up-and-wait

The best websites are engaging, personalized digital experiences. Content infrastructure enables cross-functional product teams to ship updates faster and deliver new websites and pages across geographies, business lines, and platforms.

Content editors use Contentful to make ongoing improvements and updates to their websites without relying on engineering, while developers focus their talents on building software without the distraction of CMS complexities or hard-coding content.

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Got a backlog?

If you’re like many Contentful customers, a website backlog was a painful fact of life before using content infrastructure to break the content bottleneck. Talk to an expert to explore how our solutions can help you deliver your digital pipeline—faster.